Corporate services, accounting, tax, legal, IT consulting and audit services are available in our Kiev office 

Crowe Donoway TOV
14a Bastionna, Kyiv 01014, Ukraine

 donoway @

Phone +38 044 361 84 91  

Mobile  +38 067 784 24 77


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Vadim Donchevski

Partner, CPA, CFE,
Audit and Advisory Services/Eastern Europe 

Dmytro Ivanusa

Partner, Tax & Legal,  Ukraine 

Kateryna Maksymenko

Partner, Head of Accounting, Ukraine 

Adrii Safronov

Partner, Certified Auditor in Ukraine 

Olga Lysach

Partner, Certified Auditor in Ukraine 

Oksana Nemchenko

Partner, Head of IT & Consulting, Ukraine